Preparing students in grades 9-12 become critical thinkers and an ethical, productive citizens through the application of 21st-century teaching and learning strategies.

Stafford High School strives to equip every graduating student with the behaviors that produce productive citizens. Through the application of rigorous and engaging coursework, each student at Stafford High School will graduate with early acceptance to an institution of higher learning, a military enlistment, or an industry endorsement that will ensure their future success and in turn elevate the surrounding community.

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Our number one goal is to help all of our students achieve success. Check her periodically to find helpful resources that can assist you at home!

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Reading Assignments for Summer 2023

2023-2024 Honors English 1 Summer Reading Assignment

2023-2024 Honors English 2 Summer Reading Assignment

2023-2024 AP Literature Summer Reading Assignment

2023-2024 AP Language Summer Reading Assignment    AP Language Website